EW Electronics is mainly engaged in the production of PCB, with rigid PCB, flexible PCB, HDI, low-loss high-frequency substrates, special materials (Aluminum PCB, Ceramics PCB, Teflon (PTFE) PCB), etc. as the main products.

It is widely used in 3C electronic products such as industrial computers, automotive, medical, Netcom, monitoring systems, military aerospace, machine tool equipment, tablet computers, servers, LCD modules, etc.

The quality of PCB directly affects the performance, reliability and safety of electronic products, and can provide high-quality product technology.

EW Electronics has first-class quality HDI boards, FPCB and Rigid PCB, special materials, etc.

We can provide a full range of PCB procurement services to achieve "one stop shopping" and provide customers with high quality and flexible fast delivery.

EW is a leading pioneer in the professional manufacturing and production of small quantities of printed circuit boards in Taiwan.

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