RPCBs/ Multilayer PCBs

Multilayer PCBs are circuit boards with more than 2 layers. At Everlast Win PCB we design and manufacture multilayer PCBs to fit and improve your electronic products.

Our multilayer boards production capability is built upon our core concepts of efficiency, repeatability and reliability, supporting the most complex of multilayer PCB requirements in a cost-effective manufacturing environment. Amongst our other PCB capabilities, we offer a range of multilayer options from 1 to 26.

What is a Multilayer PCB?
A Multilayer PCB is a printed circuit board that has more than 2 layers, unlike a double sided PCB or a 2 layer PCB board, which only has two conductive layers of material. All multilayer PCB’s must have at least three layers of conductive material.

A Multilayer PCB is much more complex than a double-sided PCB design and can have any number of conductive copper layers from 4 to 6 layers or even up to 64 layers. Multilayer PCB’s are laminated and glued together with layers of heat protection insulation between them. The electrical connections between layers are achieved with various methods such as plating vias through holes and buried vias.

What is the purpose of a multilayer PCB?
Our multilayer printed circuit boards provide both high capacity and speed for your product in a smaller footprint by their innate electrical properties. The connectors that are usually required for multiple, separate PCBs are reduced or eliminated simply by combining them in circuit boards. This simplifies construction and further reduces weight.

The benefits of multilayer boards

There are many benefits of multilayer PCBs:

Smaller – because multilayer PCBs combine multiple PCBs to create a more streamlined design with the same functionality.
Lighter – similar to the smaller aspect of multilayer PCBs with the combination of multiple boards you get a lighter product.
Durability - Multilayer PCBs are be durable by their nature as they are built to withstand their own heat and the weight.
Flexibility - some multilayer PCBs use flexible construction techniques, however this is not always the case. Find out more about Flexible PCBs.
Improved quality – a multilayer PCB is more complex than its single counterpart consequently more planning and work is put in and thy are often of better quality
Powerful: as extremely high-density assemblies multilayer boards are able to achieve greater capacity and speed despite their smaller size.

Suitable Surface Finishes for Multilayer PCBs
Leaded HASL
Immersion Silver
Organic solder paste
Suitable Laminates for Multilayer Boards
Iteq many more laminates for multilater boards available.

Provide the main support for the installation and interconnection of electronic components

PCB thickness : 0.25mm~4.0mm, Layer : 1L~26L

PCB Material : High-reliability materials, high-speed materials, low-loss/ ultra-low-loss

materials, radio frequency materials.

PCB Stacking : Plated through holes, Mixed Voltage

Others: VIP process, back drill, thick copper, heat dissipation management

Product application: computer peripherals, network communication products, consumer

electronics, automotive electronics, Industrial computer products, medical products,

POWER products, wafer test card products, monitoring products, etc.

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