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EW Electronics is located in Zhongli Industrial Field Based Park Area, Taoyuan City, Taiwan. It is a manufacturer specializing in PCBs industry field. Since its establishment, it has been well-known in the electronics industry field for its excellent quality and rapid delivery service, and its excellent manufacturing capabilities.

EW Electronics mainly produces from single-sided, double-sided to 26-layers multi-layers PCB, which are mainly used in the different Industrial fields and applications, such as Industrial Products, Networking , Communication, Medical, Surveillance System, Car used in the PCB industrial field. Beginning with producing MLB (Multi-layers PCB) used in Personal Computer and upgrading to high-density interconnection (HDI) PCB, Rigid-Flex PCBs and Probe card those used in smart devices, the production line equipment is mainly imported from Japan, Israel,Germany which are the most advanced and highest technology machinery equipment venders in the PCB industry field.(such as: Laminator,Dry film, Drilling, LDI, Flying probe testing machine, etc.)

The production line base of EW Electronics is in Taiwan.The products has strict highest quality control system, which meet customers to use it with satisfaction. It has successively obtained the quality management system of PCB including the production and manufacturing of PCB.

EW has passed ISO 9001, ISO14000, OHSA18000, UL, and the international car manufacturing industry accreditation certificate ISO/ TS 16949 and other international quality management system certification; EW R&D Dept. is constantly committed to do the researching and development of new materials, new products, new manufacturing processes, high-end board technology, and constantly improves technical capabilities in order to provide customers with the best process capabilities and technology, and can provide a total solution and turnkey solution of PCB procurement to achieve the goal "one stop shopping".

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